Please Join me at art shows the next 3 weekends:

1.  This Saturday, April 22nd, please join me at my Open Studio Party!
4434 30th Street, Studio # 9 (upstairs), 6pm – 8pm RSVP HERE .

2.  Next Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th, please visit my paintings in at the Mission Federal Artwalk!  Adelman Fine Art’s booth #729/#731 at Artwalk San Diego.

3.  Saturday after that, May 6th, Please join me at the Opening reception of Adelman Fine Art’s Anniversary Show!
1980 Kettner Blvd,  7pm – 9pm.  RSVP HERE.

“Sparkles and Sprinkles: A Superpower” is about our Superpower to reflect back the things in life that don’t serve us and to let in what does.

Please join me at my open studio party this Saturday to view this painting along with brand new in-progress paintings from my #RainbowRibbonMagic series!

6pm – 8pm, 4434 30th Street, San Diego, CA, 92116, Studio # 9.  Event Details and RSVP HERE.

Come see “Reflection Remix” at the Mission Federal Artwalk next weekend!  Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th, at Adelman Fine Art’s booth #729 and #731. 11am-6pm both days.
“As We Are” is a portrait of how we’re all our own people.  How even in our closest relationships some things go over one person and under another person.  It’s from my #RainbowRibbonMagic series, which uses ribbons to represent extensions of human energy.

Come see it in person at Adelman Fine Art’s 2nd Anniversary show Saturday, May 6th from 7pm-9pm.  Event details and RSVP HERE.

The “Art Collector Starter Kit” show at Corey Helford Gallery is up until April 29th!  If you’re in Los Angeles you must check out the show and my new painting “Seeing is Being”!
Contact Corey Helford Gallery for inquiries or to purchase my painting.
Just sold!  “Fluid Hearts” and “The Third Dimension” are departing soon to their new home in the Caribbean!  Drop by my open studio this Saturday to see the originals before they leave town.
Thank you for supporting my passion!  Stay in touch:  Find me on Instagram, Facebook, on my Website, or shoot me an email at
With love,