2017 Coaster Set

Every painting in my coaster set is titled with a mantra! Each of these four paintings represents a progression in the way I’ve been thinking (and painting) about how we engage with and are affected by our environment. In the order that I painted them, I’ve written about the intention behind each of these paintings below:

“Love is Love is Love”

“Love is Love is Love” is the third painting I created in the coaster set.  I painted this one after the Orlando attack. It’s about the power of reflectivity and fierce love to spread positivity amidst hate.  By “The Power of Reflectivity”, I don’t mean the power to just avoid the things that don’t serve us. Rather, I mean that we can know ourselves, experience our emotions, and then CHOOSE to let them go, or “reflect” them.

“Magic is Something You Make”

This painting is also about the power of reflectivity – I love the idea of “reflection” because it implies that as much as our environment can affect us we also have an effect on our environment.  This one takes things a step further. Like the other paintings, she’s covered in super shiny shit, but she’s also connected to her eyes with #rainbowribbonmagic . She’s intentionally seeing, experiencing, and creating her reality. To me, that’s magic.

“Accept and Reflect”

“Accept and Reflect” is the first painting in my coaster set that I painted and it was in response to my painting “Reflection” (that I painted 9 years ago!) While the figure here is still shocked and affected by the forces in her environment that are shining on her, she has the ability to choose how she will perceive and react to her circumstance. She is armed with reflective jewels and is submerged in reflective water as protection, so she can choose what she will “accept” and what she will “reflect”.

“Sparkles and Sprinkles: A Superpower”

This is the second painting I created in my coaster set. Its about our Superpower to let in what serves us and to reflect back what doesn’t. The figure is armed with reflective jewels, water, and plastic, and is stoked on life with arms outstretched floating on a donut float.  She is comfortable with herself and where she’s at, and she’s experiencing a moment of pure bliss. Hell yes.

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