Magic is Something You Make and Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earring Gift Set

Rock the jewelry and display the artwork that inspired it! 

This gift bundle includes: 

  • An 10” x 10” Giclee print of “Magic is Something You Make”, printed on archival enhanced matte paper with archival UV protected ink.  Signed by the artist.  
  • The Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings, designed by Sarah Stieber created with made of mirror acrylic and gold plated stainless steel posts. Each earring weighs 0.35oz

  “Magic is Something You Make” in the Rainbow Ribbon Magic series is about our ability to create magic.  The ribbons connecting her eyes (vision) and fingertips (action) represent the magic that is created when a vision is clear and executed with focused action.  


10″x10″ Hand Signed Giclee Print and Rainbow Ribbon Earring Gift Set