11″x3″ Tape on Plexiglass with Resin with Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings

Tape painting comes with a pair of the Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings!  Please expect three weeks before your painting and earrings ship.  

This tape painting has so many levels of inspiration!  I was inspired by my Rainbow Ribbon Magic painting series to create the rainbow ribbon magic earrings, and then those earrings inspired me to create “Rainbow Ribbon Retro”, a tape-painting depicting the earrings morphing back into the ribbons that originally inspired them! This piece is about the flowing and evolving nature of creativity.  It glows in the dark and comes with a pair of the new “Rainbow Ribbon Magic” earrings! 

If you reside outside of the United States please reach out so we can provide shipping options.

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11″x3″ Tape on Plexiglass with Resin

Glows in the dark

Photo of earrings included with tape painting