“The Sky is Always Bluer” Superhero series – Diptych 30″x40″ each Acrylic on Canvas Available

Watch the Video about the inspiration behind this painting

This diptych explores the struggle between our desire for ease and our desire for effort, purpose, and productivity.  The clouds represent paradise and ease while the bricks represent effort.  In the left panel, the figure is dressed up as ‘paradise’ and is trying to manifest a perfect reality against her brick backdrop. In the right panel, she exists in paradise, but she’s over it, taking out the trash and trying to get back to work.

Interest free payment plans are available.  Contact Sarah for a customized payment plan, for a complimentary mockup of how the painting will look in your space or if you simply would like to chat with a human before making the purchase.


Diptych 30″x40″ each Acrylic on Canvas Available