An art collector loved “The French Quarter”, and because it was sold, she commissioned me to create a similar painting of the same dimensions for her chic home in Los Angeles.

Below is the painting the collector wanted me to create another version of:

Below is the newer version-“The French Quarter” version # 2, hung in her beautiful Los Angeles home:

Another client purchased a print of “The French Quarter” version # 2, and loved it so much that she commissioned me to paint another unique version of  the piece for her home!  Below is the “The French Quarter” version # 3, which is the centerpiece of a living room in San Diego:


If you like one of my pieces that is already sold, don’t fret!  I can always create another fresh, unique, original painting for you.  Please consider purchasing a giclee print of “The French Quarter” Version # 2 on my print shop.