On a trip to an opening in LA last weekend I stopped by the completed Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Oceanside to visit my recently installed painting, “Fish Out of Water”! I am so thrilled with the overwhelmingly adorable surf-chevron quality of the space. The hotel is decorated how I might decorate my own home if I had the cash. That bold yellow wall?! Awesome.

When I first entered the lounge (Just left of the front entrance), people seemed more at home there then I ever see in a hotel. See: Snoring on the couch.
springhill suites couch

I swear I did not intend to dress up like my painting! This always happens:

Friends, if you find yourselves in Oceanside, please take a peak and a nap on that cozy couch. Spring Hill Suites is in the center of downtown Oceanside, and right accros from the famous Top Gun house and the Pacific Ocean:)