This item will be released December 16, 2020.
Stained Glass Superpower Earrings

Make your own magic with the super lightweight Stained Glass Superpower Earrings.

In honor of our 10 year anniversary we are including worldwide shipping for 10 days for the new Superpower Jewelry! ends December 1st, 2020

Each earring is made of gold coated brass and transparent enamel with 14/20 yellow gold-filled hooks.

The Stained Glass superhero earrings are inspired by the painting “Room Bloom”, which is about infusing creativity and color into your home and world. Take these statement earrings for a spin and bloom beauty wherever you go!

Room Bloom | 30″x60″ | Acrylic on Canvas | SOLD

Each earring weighs 0.07oz

58 available for pre-ordering

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Stained Glass Superpower Earrings – Super lightweight – Looks like stained glass