Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings

Express your creativity with the Rainbow Ribbon Magic earrings, made of mirror acrylic and gold plated stainless steel posts.    

The Rainbow Ribbon Magic earrings were inspired by the “Rainbow Ribbon Magic” painting series. Ribbons flowing out symbolizing the creativity and energy that flows from each woman out into the world.

Magic is Something You Make | 42″x42″ | Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

Each earring weighs 0.35oz

In stock


Own the “Magic is Something You Make” 10″x8″ Giclee Print signed by the artist. Print is only available as an add-on to the Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings.
Prism Power Print

Gift Wrapping! Would you like us to gift wrap this item and include a hand-written card? Please indicate in the order notes what you would like your card to say and we will write it out exactly as written.


Rainbow Ribbon Magic Earrings – Perfect Dangle Earrings


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